Chapter 13. In-place upgrades

Starting with Red Hat OpenStack Platform (RHOSP) 16.1.1, the Framework for Upgrades (FFU) is utilized in a new In-place Upgrades test. This test is available during RHOSP plugin certification. It verifies the functionality of plugins to perform as expected during and after automated upgrades between long life releases of RHOSP. Successfully completing this test will add the corresponding feature to the Ecosystem Catalog entry for the certification.


The “In-place upgrades from RHOSP 13 (Queens)” feature would appear as a line item in a RHOSP 16.1.x (Train) certification.

The in_place_upgrades test is available for all plugin types for which certification is available. It will appear on the certification test plan, and is only planned and executed on the Controller node. This feature and thus the test requires that your plugin be installed, managed, and upgradable via the RHOSP Director toolset. It is run after the upgrade is performed on the controller node and will introspect various log files in the upgraded environment to verify the upgrade conducted and was successful.

The In-place upgrades test includes the following subtests:

  • in_place_upgrades

    This test validates that a RHOSP cloud has been upgraded from one RHOSP long life release to the next RHOSP long life release using the RHOSP Framework for Upgrades mechanism. And then prompts you to confirm the same.

    Success criteria

    • PASS: If the system is upgraded successfully and then you certify the same.
    • FAIL: If the system was not upgraded or you do not certify the same.
  • Director Plugin Verification

    A self declaration prompt is added for you to declare if your plugin installation has been done with the director.

    Success criteria

    • PASS: If you certify that the plugin installation is done with the director.
    • FAIL: If you certify that the plugin installation is not done with the director.

Success criteria

The status of the In-place Upgrades test depends as follows:

  • PASS: If both the subtests, in_place_upgrades and Director Plugin Verification pass.
  • FAIL: If both or either subtest, in_place_upgrades and Director Plugin Verification fails.