Chapter 5. Designate test

The designate test uses the Tempest framework to verify whether the Designate DNS service works appropriately with the Neutron plugin that you are certifying.

The test performs the following actions:

  • Ensures that CRUD operations are successful for the following objects :

    • Records
    • Domains
    • Servers
    • Blacklists
    • Pools
    • Quotas
    • Record sets
    • Top-level domains
    • Transaction signatures
  • Ensures that only administrative users can perform operations on blacklists, quotas, pools, and transaction signatures.
  • Checks that record sets not in compliance with the DNS RFC specification are rejected. For example, record sets containing trailing spaces or invalid characters are rejected.
  • Checks that record sets that contain wildcard characters (*) match requests for non-existent domains.
  • Ensures that zone transfers across DNS servers are possible.
  • Ensures that zone creation and zone deletion propagates across DNS servers.

Success criteria

All operations and verifications are successful.