Chapter 3. Red Hat Single Sign-On Continuous Delivery 7.3.CD05

3.1. WildFly 15 Upgrade

Keycloak server was upgraded to use WildFly 15 under the covers.

3.2. OpenShift Integration

It is now possible to fully secure OpenShift 3.11 with Red Hat Single Sign-On, including the ability to automatically expose Service Accounts as OAuth clients as clients to Red Hat Single Sign-On.

This is currently a technology preview feature.

3.3. Support for DB2 removed

DB2 support has been deprecated for a while. With this release we have removed all support for DB2.

3.4. Enhanced Remember Me

Introduced the ability to specify different session idle and max timeouts for remember me sessions. This enables remember me sessions to live longer than regular sessions.

3.5. Pagination support for Groups

Large numbers of groups have previously caused issues in the admin console. This is now resolved by the introduction of pagination of groups.

3.6. Improve startup time with large number of offline sessions

In the past, starting the server could take a long time if there were many offline sessions. This startup time has now been significantly reduced.