Chapter 1. Overview

Red Hat Product Security is committed to providing tools and security data to help you better understand security threats. This data has been available on our Security Data page and will now also be available in a machine-consumable format with the Security Data API. This tool will allow customers to programmatically query the API for data that was previously exposed only through files on our Security Data page.

The data provided by the Security Data API is the same as what is found on the Security Data page: OVAL definitions, Common Vulnerability Reporting Framework (CVRF) documents and CVE data. All data is available in its native XML format or in a representative JSON format.

This effort is a part of Red Hat Product Security’s commitment to providing security data to customers in an easy-to-use format.

Please Note: Only one version will be maintained and any changes will be noted in the documentation.

The Security Data API is provided for information and metrics purposes. For any questions or concerns with the API or the data it provides, please contact Red Hat Product Security.

Base URL

Supported Formats

The API supports JSON, XML, and HTML formats. The format can be specified as an extension to the url like .json or .xml. If no format is specified, the default HTML format will be rendered.