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Appendix A. Satellite Settings

Red Hat Satellite Server settings can be found on the Administer > Settings page.

Table A.1. Satellite Settings

TabSettingDefault valueDescription


Type of name generator


Specifies the method used to generate a host name when creating a new host.

The default Random-based option generates a unique random host name which you can but do not have to use. This is useful for users who create many hosts and do not know how to name them.

The MAC-based option is for bare-metal hosts only. If you delete a host and create it later on, it receives the same host name based on the MAC address. This can be useful for users who recycle servers and want them to always get the same host name.

The Off option disables the name generator function and leaves the host name field blank.

Safemode rendering


Enables safe mode rendering of provisioning templates.

The default and recommended option Yes denies the access to variables and any object that is not whitelisted within Satellite.

When set to No, any object may be accessed by a user with permission to use templating features, either via editing of templates, parameters or smart variables. This permits users full remote code execution on Satellite Server, effectively disabling all authorization. This is not a safe option, especially in bigger companies.


Fix DB cache


Satellite maintains a cache of permissions and roles. When set to Yes, Satellite recreates this cache on the next restart.