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4.2. Creating User Groups

With Red Hat Satellite, you can assign permissions to groups of users. You can also create user groups as collections of other user groups. If using an external authentication source, you can map Satellite user groups to external user groups as described in Section 8.4, “Configuring External User Groups”.
User groups are defined in an organizational context, meaning that you must select an organization before you can access user groups.

Procedure 4.6. To Create a User Group:

  1. Navigate to AdministerUser groups to view the user groups on your Satellite.
  2. Click New User Group.
  3. On the User group tab, specify the name of the new user group and select group members from the list of users. To include a previously-created user group, select the check box next to the name of the group to be added.
  4. On the Roles tab, select the roles you want to assign to the user group. Alternatively, select the Administrator check box to assign all available permissions.
  5. Click Submit to create the user group.