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5.3. Backing up and Restoring Capsule Server Using a Snapshot

There are three methods of backing up Capsule Server:
  • Using the katello-backup script as described in Section 5.1, “Backing up Satellite Server or Capsule Server”. The katello-backup script is convenient if your Capsule Server is a physical machine. You can also use the script if your Capsule Server is a virtual machine but it creates only a backup of the data and not the machine itself.
  • Using the conventional backup methods as described in System Backup and Recovery in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 System Administrator's Guide.
  • Using the snapshot as described below.
If your Capsule Server is a virtual machine, you can restore it from a snapshot. Creating weekly snapshots to restore from is recommended. In the event of failure, you can reinstall, or configure a new Capsule Server, and then synchronize the database content from the Satellite Server.


When creating a snapshot or conventional backup, stop all services (Do not do this if using the katello-backup script):
# katello-service stop
Start the services after creating a snapshot or conventional backup:
# katello-service start
If you have a snapshot or conventional backup, restore from that and then synchronize from the Satellite Server as described below.
If required, deploy a new Capsule Server, ensuring the host name is the same as before, and then install the Capsule certificates. You might still have them on the Satellite Server, the package name ends in certs-tar, alternately create new ones. Follow the procedures in Installing Capsule Server in the Red Hat Satellite 6 Installation Guide until you see in the web UI that the Capsule Server is connected to the Satellite Server. Then synchronize from the Satellite Server as described below.

Procedure 5.7. Synchronizing an External Capsule

  1. To synchronize an external Capsule, select the relevant organization and location in the web UI, or choose Any Organization and Any Location.
  2. Navigate to InfrastructureCapsules and click the name of the Capsule to synchronize.
  3. On the Overview tab, select Synchronize.