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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Satellite

Chapter 1. Introduction

Red Hat Satellite 6 is the evolution of Red Hat's life cycle management platform. It provides the capabilities that administrators have come to expect in a tool focused on managing systems and content for a global enterprise. Satellite 6 covers the use cases requested by Satellite 5 customers, but also includes functionality that enables larger scale, federation of content, better control of systems during the provisioning process, and a much more simplified approach to life cycle management. Satellite 6 also further evolves the inherent approach to certificate-based entitlements and integrated subscription management. Satellite 6 is based on years of customer feedback and is an evolution of previous versions.

1.1. Satellite 6 Component Versions

Red Hat Satellite is a combination of a number of upstream projects. For the full details of the major projects included, and the version of those projects included in each major and minor release of Red Hat Satellite, see Satellite 6 Component Versions.