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3.4. Deprecated Functionality

The items in this section are either no longer supported or will no longer be supported in a future release
The 'has_primary_interface?' method has been deprecated, so any attempt to use it results in the error "undefined method" being thrown. In Red Hat Satellite 6.2, each host automatically gets a primary interface when it is created, so this method is no longer required. Instead, the following tests whether the interface has an identifier:


The whole network interface object is available via the method: host.primary_interface.
The gutterball engine has been removed from Red Hat Satellite 6.2. The data stored in gutterball was never used.
Elastic Search has been removed from Red Hat Satellite. It has been replaced by the standard searching provided by the database.
The Hammer Import tool is marked for deprecation and cannot be used in future versions of Satellite. For transitioning hosts after this release, use the bootstrap script. For more information see,