3.3. Known Issues

These known issues exist in Red Hat Satellite 6 at this time:
The command katello-disconnected has been removed. You should perform a complete satellite installation and use Inter Satellite Sync to move content across air-gapped networks.
Rails events no longer triggering hooks in /hooks/report

In Satellite 6.2 the Report class is changed to ConfigReport so the hooks are no longer looking for a script stored in the /hooks/report/ directory.

Create a directory /usr/share/foreman/config/hooks/config_report/ and move hooks such as `after_create` and `before_create` to the new directory.
Currently, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 AUS and 6.2 AUS are not supported. You must use packages from later releases to manage machines using these AUS versions.
Using the katello-backup script with the --online-backup option requires a directory writable by the postgres user. Until this Red Hat Bugzilla is resolved, use only the /tmp directory to create online backups.