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Chapter 13. Finalizing Provisioning

Provisioning new hosts is a central part of Red Hat Satellite 6’s functionality. This chapter recaps on the topics discussed through the course of this guide and how it impacts other Red Hat Satellite 6 features.

13.1. Completing Scenario Objectives

This guide presented multiple provisioning scenarios involving a fictional company called ACME. Through this scenario, this guide has demonstrated how to achieve the following:

Configuring Red Hat Satellite 6 for Provisioning
This guide has explored how to configure Red Hat Satellite 6’s resources and services for provisioning purposes. This includes the installation media, templates, compute resources, and networking. In addition, this guide demonstrated how to configure a Capsule Server to use DHCP, DNS, and TFTP services for PXE-based provisioning.
Provisioning Bare Metal Hosts
This guide showed how to provision bare metal hosts through different methods, such as unattended provisioning, Discovery-based provisioning, and PXE-less provisioning.
Provisioning Virtual Machines
This guide provided examples on provisioning from virtualization environments, such as KVM servers, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and VMware vSphere.
Provisioning Cloud Instances
This guide demonstrated how to provision cloud instances from public clouds (Amazon EC2) and private clouds (Red Hat OpenStack Platform).
Provisioning Container
This guide showed how to provision containers on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host.

13.2. Integrating with Other Applications

Red Hat Satellite 6 extends the provisioning process with the following applications:

Each Capsule Server (including the integrated Capsule) can act as a Puppet Master. The Satellite Server installs a Puppet Agent on each new host. This provides a method to automatically configure resources and services on hosts. You can add Puppet classes during the host provisioning process under the Puppet Classes tab. For more information, see the Red Hat Satellite 6 Puppet Guide.
Red Hat CloudForms
Red Hat CloudForms can connect to Red Hat Satellite 6 and control certain levels of provisioning and host management. For more information, see the Red Hat CloudForms Integration with Red Hat Satellite 6 Guide.

13.3. Referring to Other Documentation

The following guides provide information on related aspects of Red Hat Satellite 6 and provide further examples:

Red Hat Satellite 6 Host Configuration Guide

A guide to using the main Red Hat Satellite 6 features, including infrastructure management and provisioning.

Red Hat Satellite 6 Server Administration Guide

A guide on administering a Red Hat Satellite 6 Server.

Red Hat Satellite 6 Virtual Instances Guide

A guide on managing virtual instances with the virt-who tool.

Red Hat Satellite 6 Puppet Guide

A guide to building your own Puppet module and importing it into Red Hat Satellite 6.