4.5. Using Searches with Pagination Control

You can use the per_page and page pagination parameters to limit the search results returned by an API search query. The per_page parameter specifies the amount per page and the page parameter specifies which page, as calculated by the per_page parameter, to return.
The default number of items to return is set to 1000 when you do not specify any pagination parameters, but the per_page value has a default of 20 which applies when you specify the page parameter.

Example 4.6. Listing Content Views

This example shows listing Content Views returning the third page of 10 results per page:
$ curl -X GET --user sat_username:sat_password \

Example 4.7. Listing Activation Keys

This example shows listing Activation Keys for organization with ID 1 returning the second page of 30 keys per page:
$ curl -X GET --user sat_username:sat_password \
To get multiple pages of results you can use a for loop structure.

Example 4.8. Returning Multiple Pages

This example returns pages 1 to 3 of Content Views with 5 results per page:
$ for i in `seq 1 3`; do curl -X GET --user sat_username:sat_password \
"https://satellite6.example.com/katello/api/content_views?per_page=5&page=$i"; done