Appendix A. API Response Codes

The Red Hat Satellite 6 API provides HTTP response status codes for API calls. The following codes are common for all resources in the Satellite API.

Table A.1. API Response Codes

200 OK For a successful request action: show, index, update, or delete (GET, PUT, DELETE requests).
201 Created For a successful create action (POST request).
301 Moved Permanently Redirect when Satellite is restricted to use HTTPS and HTTP is attempted.
400 Bad Request A required parameter is missing or the search query has invalid syntax.
401 Unauthorized Failed to authorize the user (for example, incorrect credentials).
403 Forbidden The user has insufficient permissions to perform the action or read the resource, or the action is unsupported in general.
404 Not Found The record with the given ID does not exist. It can appear in show and delete actions when the requested record does not exist; or in create, update and delete actions when one of the associated records does not exist.
409 Conflict Could not delete the record due to existing dependencies (for example, host groups with hosts).
415 Unsupported Media Type The content type of the HTTP request is not JSON.
422 Unprocessable Entity Failed to create an entity due to some validation errors. Applies to create or update actions only.
500 Internal Server Error Unexpected internal server error.
503 Service Unavailable The server is not running.