Chapter 5. Setting the Load Balancer for Host Registration

You can configure Satellite to register clients through a load balancer when using the host registration feature.

You will be able to register hosts to the load balancer instead of Capsule. The load balancer will decide through which Capsule to register the host at the time of request. Upon registration, the subscription manager on the host will be configured to manage content through the load balancer.


  • You configured SSL certificates on all Capsule Servers. For more information, see Chapter 4, Configuring Capsule Servers for Load Balancing.
  • You enabled Registration and Templates plug-ins on all Capsule Servers:

    # satellite-installer --scenario capsule \
    --foreman-proxy-registration true \
    --foreman-proxy-templates true


  1. On all Capsule Servers, set the registration and template URLs using satellite-installer:

    # satellite-installer --scenario capsule \
    --foreman-proxy-registration-url "" \
    --foreman-proxy-template-url ""
  2. In the Satellite web UI, navigate to Infrastructure > Capsules.
  3. For each Capsule, click the dropdown menu in the Actions column and select Refresh.