Chapter 2. Content Management Types Overview

With Red Hat Satellite, you can manage the following content types:

RPM Packages
Import RPM packages from repositories related to your Red Hat subscriptions. Satellite Server downloads the RPM files from Red Hat’s Content Delivery Network and stores them locally. You can use these repositories and their RPM files in Content Views.
Kickstart Trees
Import the kickstart trees for creating a system. New systems access these kickstart trees over a network to use as base content for their installation. Red Hat Satellite also contains some predefined kickstart templates as well as the ability to create your own, which are used to provision systems and customize the installation.

You can also manage other types of custom content in Satellite. For example:

ISO and KVM Images
Download and manage media for installation and provisioning. For example, Satellite downloads, stores, and manages ISO images and guest images for specific Red Hat Enterprise Linux and non-Red Hat operating systems.

You can use the procedure to add custom content for any type of content you require, for example, SSL certificates and OVAL files.