Chapter 1. Introduction

Red Hat Satellite is a system management solution that enables you to deploy, configure, and maintain your systems across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. Satellite provides provisioning, remote management and monitoring of multiple Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployments with a single, centralized tool.

Red Hat Satellite Server synchronizes the content from Red Hat Customer Portal and other sources, and provides functionality including fine-grained life cycle management, user and group role-based access control, integrated subscription management, as well as advanced GUI, CLI, or API access.

Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server mirrors content from Red Hat Satellite Server to share content across various geographical locations. Host systems can pull content and configuration from the Capsule Server in their location instead of from the central Satellite Server. The Capsule Server also provides localized services such as Puppet Master, DHCP, DNS, or TFTP. Capsule Servers assist you in scaling Red Hat Satellite as the number of managed systems increases in your environment.

1.1. Satellite 6 Component Versions

Red Hat Satellite is a combination of several upstream projects. For details of the major projects included, and the version of those projects included in each major and minor release of Red Hat Satellite, see Satellite 6 Component Versions.

1.2. Red Hat Satellite and Proxy Server Life Cycle

For an overview of the life cycle phases for Red Hat Network Satellite and Red Hat Satellite and the status of support for these products, see Red Hat Satellite and Proxy Server Life Cycle.

1.3. Red Hat Satellite FAQ

For a list of frequently asked questions about Red Hat Satellite 6, see Red Hat Satellite 6 FAQ