10.2. Managing Repositories

This section shows how to create an internal repository for container images. You can use internal repositories to create containers as described in Section 10.1.1, “Creating Containers”.

10.2.1. Creating Repositories

Repositories provide a way to synchronize the container content either from the Red Hat Content Delivery Network or from other sources. To create a repository for container images in a product, follow the steps described in the Adding Repositories to a Product section in the Red Hat Satellite Installation Guide. Select docker as a repository type. For instructions on how to create a product, see the Creating a Product section in the same guide.

10.2.2. Uploading Images to Repositories

The following procedure shows how to import images to an existing repository.

Procedure 10.8. To Upload Images to a Repository:

  1. Navigate to ContentProducts.
  2. Select the product that contains the repository you want to update. Navigate to the Repositories tab and select the docker repository you want to update.
  3. Click Browse. Navigate to the location of the image you want to upload. Click Open.
  4. Click Upload to upload the image to the repository.