11.4. Automated Host Registration with Activation Keys

The following steps show how to automatically register a host using an activation key. When the activation key has been created, you can apply it by using the subscription-manager utility during host registration on the Satellite Server. Prepare the host as described in Chapter 14, Configuring Hosts, then follow the steps outlined in Procedure 11.10, “To Automatically Register a Host with an Activation Key:”.

Procedure 11.10. To Automatically Register a Host with an Activation Key:

  1. Clear any old registration data from the system.
    [root@server]# subscription-manager clean
  2. Register the system to the required organization on the Satellite Server. Use the --activationkey flag to register the system using the activation key. Enter the authentication for the admin user when prompted.
    [root@server]# subscription-manager register --org 'Default_Organization' --activationkey 'Test_Key'
  3. When the system is registered, it gains access to repository content but administrators will not be able perform package and errata management until the katello agent has been installed on the client system.
    [root@server]# yum install katello-agent