Chapter 19. Maintaining a Red Hat Satellite Server

This chapter provides information on how to maintain a Red Hat Satellite Server, including information on relevant log files, and how to view the import history.

19.1. Logging and Reporting

Red Hat Satellite provides system information in the form of notifications and log files. Examples of log files for troubleshooting are listed in Table 19.1, “Log Files for Reporting and Troubleshooting”:

Table 19.1. Log Files for Reporting and Troubleshooting

Log File
Description of Log File Content
Web UI search index display
Subscription management
Foreman proxy
Apache HTTP server
Satellite installer
Capsule installer
Virtualization API
Satellite database
Celerybeat and Celery startup request messages. After startup is complete, messages are logged to /var/log/messages.
Configuration management
Subscription management
/var/log/tomcat6 and /var/log/tomcat
Apache web server messages for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, respectively.
Various other log messages related to pulp, rhsm, and goferd.
You can also use the foreman-tail command to follow many of the log files related to Satellite. You can run foreman-tail -l to list the processes and services that it follows.
On Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, you can use the journal for more extensive logging information. See Using the Journal[7] for more information.