Chapter 14. Configuring Hosts

In Red Hat Satellite, hosts are client systems which have Red Hat Subscription Manager installed. Red Hat Subscription Manager sends updates to Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat Satellite provides updates to these client systems.
Hosts must be registered in order to be managed. After a host has been registered, it can be viewed and edited in the Hosts tab. This enables a user to add and manage subscriptions, add and remove software packages, and apply updates.

14.1. Creating a Host

The following procedure describes how to create a host in Red  Hat Satellite.

Procedure 14.1. To Create a Host:

  1. Click HostsNew Host.
  2. On the Host tab, enter the required details.
  3. On the Puppet Classes tab, select the puppet classes you want to include.
  4. On the Network tab, perform the following actions:
    1. Enter the Domain and Realm details. It is required to specify a domain to make the host provisioning possible. This automatically updates the Subnet list with a selection of suitable subnets.
    2. Enter the Primary Interface details. If there is a DHCP-enabled Capsule Server on the selected subnet, the IP address is automatically suggested. Click Suggest new to generate a different address.
    3. Optionally, click Add Interface to include an additional network interface. See Section 14.4, “Configuring an Additional Network Interface” for details.
  5. On the Operating System tab, enter the required details. You can select a partition table from the drop-down list or enter a custom partition table in the Custom partition table field. You cannot specify both.
  6. On the Parameters tab, click Add Parameter to add any required parameters. This includes all Puppet Class Parameters and Host Parameters associated with the host.
  7. On the Additional Information tab, enter additional information about the host.
  8. Click Submit to complete your provisioning request.