Chapter 18. Backup and Disaster Recovery

This chapter describes the minimum and typical backup and restore procedures required to ensure continuity of your Red Hat Satellite deployment and associated data in the event of a disaster. If your deployment uses custom configurations you should take these into account when planning your backup and disaster recovery policy.

18.1. Backing up Red Hat Satellite Server

This section describes the process required to create a complete backup of your Satellite Server and all associated data.

Procedure 18.1. To Back up Your Red Hat Satellite Server:

  1. Ensure your backup location has enough disk space to contain a copy of all of the following directories:
    • /etc/
    • /var/lib/pulp
    • /var/lib/mongodb
    • /var/lib/pgsql/
    This can be a considerable amount of space so plan accordingly.
  2. Run the backup script:
    # /usr/bin/katello-backup backup_directory
    The katello-backup script stops all services which could impact the backup, performs the backup, then restarts the required services.
    This process can take a long time to complete, due to the amount of data to copy.