Chapter 11. Configuring Activation Keys

Activation Keys improve the speed, simplicity and consistency of content host registration. Activation keys can define the following properties of a content host:
  • Which life cycle environment the content host should be placed in.
  • Which host collection the content host should be assigned to.
  • Which organization the content host should be a part of.
  • Whether to use a provisioning template for the content host.
  • Setting up a subscription usage limit for the content host.
  • Assigning a specific subscription to the content host.
An activation key ensures that the content host is associated with the correct host group and that the content host consumes the correct subscription. Activation keys store a set of subscriptions that can be associated with content hosts without attaching these subscriptions directly. This results in several benefits for subscription management:
  • Administrators have control over which subscriptions are installed to a content host without having to create and configure every content host first.
  • Because activation keys are created within the Satellite Server and do not rely on content host settings or architecture, the target content host does not have to exist yet.
  • Users can register their content host in a single step and automatically have all required subscriptions attached, without having to select and attach subscriptions manually and potentially miss a subscription.
The same activation key can be applied to multiple content hosts, as long as it contains enough subscriptions. However, activation keys only set the initial configuration for a content host. When it is registered to an organization, other content which that organization possesses can be attached to the content host manually.
Activation keys are defined in an organizational context meaning that an organization must be selected to access activation keys in the Satellite GUI.

11.1. Creating an Activation Key

This section describes how to create an activation key.

Procedure 11.1. To Create an Activation Key:

  1. Click ContentActivation Keys.
  2. Click New Activation Key.
  3. Enter the required details for the activation key in the relevant fields.
  4. Clear the Unlimited check box if the activation key is to be used with limitations. Type the usage limit in the Limit field. You can use this field to control how many times a given Activation Key is used. For example, if you associate the key with a subscription that has a limited quantity, you can set the limit on the Activation Key to eliminate exceeding that quantity.
  5. Enter a suitable description in the Description field.
  6. Select the Environment and Content View that this key should apply to.
  7. Click Save to create the activation key.


You can change the activation key details in the different tabs of the Activation Key.