Appendix B. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 2-6Wed Aug 24 2016Stephen Wadeley
BZ 1343567: Ad Integration Install packages step requires installing 'gssproxy' package.
Revision 2-5Tue Dec 15 2015Stephen Wadeley
BZ 1275755: Removed duplicate content on Red Hat Satellite Capsule Servers.
Revision 2-4Mon Nov 16 2015Hayley Hudgeons
Building for async 2.
Revision 2-3Tue Nov 13 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1275127: Added a description of 'unattended mode' to the glossary.
Revision 2-2Tue Nov 03 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1277304: Fix incorrect package names in Capsule installation instructions.
BZ 1271079: Install Guide bug also appeared in this guide.
Revision 2-1Mon Oct 12 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1195777: Update chapter on Discovery with changes and new features.
BZ 1145773: Added chapter on debugging.
Revision 2-0Mon Aug 31 2015David O'Brien
Relocate CLI reference closer to end of other reference material at end of book.
BZ 1172415: Add path arguments to backup and restore script examples.
Revision 1-55Thurs July 23 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1206788 Integrating peer review feedback.
BZ#1213399 Updated instructions on how to create a manifest.
Revision 1-54Wed July 22 2015Jo Somers
BZ#1245391 Corrections to Step 2 in 13.2 Configuring the Foreman Discovery Plug-in.
BZ#1236535 Deleted 11.2.2 Creating a Puppet Class.
BZ#1244503 Fixed typos in Chapter 8 Working with Containers.
BZ#1158752 Added Step 1 and added info to new Step 3 in section 3.3.1 Creating Lifecycle Environments.
Revision 1-53Fri July 17 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1216135 Corrections to note in 12.3.1. Registering a Host.
Revision 1-52Tues July 14 2015David O'Brien
Remove draft and beta status.
Publish for technical review.
Revision 1-51Tues July 14 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1206788 Further corrections to the Disconnected Satellite section.
Revision 1-50Mon July 13 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1107485 Made corrections based on peer review feedback.
BZ#1206788 Restructured and corrected Disconnected Satellite section.
BZ#1206788 Changed reference in Chapter 7. Viewing and Applying Errata to new Disconnected Satellite section.
Revision 1-49Thu July 2 2015Jo Somers
BZ#1171611 Changed section Registering Host Systems to a Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server to match Installation Guide.
Revision 1-48Wed July 1 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1206788 Corrected error in Step 2 of 4.3.4. Importing Content to a Disconnected Satellite Server.
Revision 1-47Tue Jun 30 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1107485 Further changes made based on peer review to Chapter 21 Red Hat Satellite User Interface Plug-ins.
Revision 1-46Mon Jun 29 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1175938 Added requested changes to the Activation Key section.
BZ#1107485 Changes made based on peer review to Chapter 19 Maintenance.
BZ#1107485 Partial changes made based on peer review to Chapter 21 Red Hat Satellite User Interface Plug-ins.
Revision 1-45Thu Jun 25 2015Jo Somers
BZ 1234705 Changed channel to repository in sections Synchronization Status and Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server Prerequisites
BZ 1234705 Changed channel to interface in section Configuring an Additional Network Interface
Revision 1-44Mon Jun 22 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1132527 Added draft of Using Identity Management for Authentication.
Revision 1-43Mon Jun 15 2015David O'Brien
6.1 Public Beta release.
Remove 'report a bug' links and related files.
Revision 1-42Mon June 8 2015Jo Somers
BZ#1222882 Changed 12.2.1. subsection into a procedure under 12.2; last step in prerequisites added for RHEL7: # systemctl start chronyd; systemctl enable chronyd
Revision 1-41Thu June 4 2015Jo Somers
BZ#1180277 15.2. Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server Prerequisites change firewall-cmd --reload
BZ#1222882 Deleted Section 12.2.2 Manual Configuration.
Revision 1-40Mon May 11 2015David O'Brien
Build for technical review.
Revision 1-39Fri May 8 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1153595 Added conceptual information to the Activation Keys chapter.
Minor edits to the Creating an Activation Key section.
Minor edits to the Removing an Activation Key section.
Restructured the Activation Keys chapter.
BZ#1175938 Added section on auto-attach to the Activation Keys chapter.
BZ#1175938 Added section on setting a service level to the Activation Keys chapter.
Minor edits to the Adding Subscriptions to an Activation Key section.
Minor edits to the Adding Host Collections to an Activation Key section.
BZ#1175938 Added section on editing product content to the Activation Keys chapter.
Minor edits to the Removing Subscriptions to an Activation Key section.
Minor edits to the Removing Host Collections to an Activation Key section.
BZ#1175938 Added section on automated host registration to the Activation Keys chapter.
Added section on Configuring External User Groups.
Revision 1-38Thu April 30 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1175924 Updated note in 4.3.4. Importing Content to a Disconnected Satellite Server.
Revision 1-37Wed April 29 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1175835 Updated example in 4.3.2 Synchronizing Content.
BZ#1175924 Updated Step 7 of 4.3.4. Importing Content to a Disconnected Satellite Server.
Fixed typos in 4.3.4. Importing Content to a Disconnected Satellite Server.
Revision 1-36Fri April 24 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1177770 Corrected errors in commands in Installing and Configuring the Foreman Discovery Plugin.
Revision 1-35Thu April 23 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1175431 Corrected mismatch between instruction and location of extra information in Workflow section.
Revision 1-34Wed April 22 2015David O'Brien
New procedure for backup and recovery. Replaces all previous procedures.
BZ 1213912: Update procedure for changing FQDN.
Revision 1-33Fri April 17 2015Megan Lewis
Updated procedure 12.3.1. Automated Configuration to reflect changes requested on the test day.
Revision 1-32Thu April 16 2015Jo Somers
Section 4.3.4 Importing Content to a Disconnected Satellite Server: Updated with improved procedure from Satellite 6.1 Installation Guide, Section 4.2.4 Importing Content to a Disconnected Satellite Server
Revision 1-31Wed April 8 2015Megan Lewis
Updated the brand.
Revision 1-30Thu April 2 2015Athene Chan
Changed the sort order number for the splash page.
Revision 1-29Thu April 2 2015Athene Chan
Added a sort order number for the splash page.
Revision 1-28Mon Mar 30 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1203878: Change repository name from RH Common to Satellite Tools.
Revision 1-27Tue Mar 17 2015Athene Chan
BZ#1200016 Changed "DNS Proxy" to "DNS Capsule".
Revision 1-26Tue Mar 17 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1172727 Update section on installing puppet to include enabling agent at boot.
BZ# 1198724 Add section how to configure BMC interfaces.
Revision 1-25Mon Mar 02 2015Jo Somers
Fixed BZ#1153608 rewrote configure host for registration; edited User Interface Plug-Ins for clarity
Revision 1-24Wed Feb 25 2015Athene Chan
BZ#1180191 Corrected the required RPMs to install for synchronizing hosts in a disconnected Satellite Server.
Revision 1-23Tue Feb 24 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1195128 Remove extra trailing slash from command.
BZ 1179535 Update the Disaster Recovery Section of the User Guide.
Revision 1-22Mon Feb 9 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1178176 Further corrections in 4.3.4. Importing Content to a Disconnected Satellite Server.
Revision 1-21Mon Feb 9 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1175084 Section on Puppet Facts.
BZ 1153584 Update section on promoting content views through life cycle environments.
Revision 1-20Fri Jan 23 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1179022 Corrected errors in examples in 5.4. Configuring a Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server.
BZ#1178176 Corrected 40G to 40GB in 4.3.4. Importing Content to a Disconnected Satellite Server.
Revision 1-19Fri Jan 23 2015David O'Brien
Add initial section on Puppet, Facter, and facts.
Add Puppet Module and Catalog to glossary.
Updates to comply with style guide.
Revision 1-18Fri Dec 19 2014David O'Brien
Remove requirement for yum-rhn-plugin from chapter "Configuring Hosts".
Update some command layouts to comply with standards.
Revision 1-17Tues Dec 9 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1168273 Corrected the package name for Installing the Puppet Agent.
Revision 1-16.1Wed Nov 26 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1139329 Added introductory text into "Using the Foreman Discovery Plug-in".
BZ#1167966 Satellite Server backup script has changed, removed grinder from the command list.
Revision 1-16Mon Nov 24 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1166660 Missing step in the configuring IDM chapter added.
BZ#1166656 Changed "" to "" for consistency.
BZ#1139329 Revised the Troubleshooting for the Foreman Discovery Plug-in" section.
Revision 1-15.2Fri Nov 21 2014Athene Chan
Removed the Foreman Discovery chapter for further review.
Revision 1-15Thurs Nov 20 2014Megan Lewis
Minor corrections.
Added "Enabling Red Hat Repositories" section.
Revision 1-14Mon Nov 17 2014Megan Lewis
Added further changes for BZ#1139329.
Revision 1-13Sun Nov 16 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1139329 Added chapter about Foreman Discovery.
Revision 1-12Fri Nov 14 2014Miroslav Svoboda
BZ#1153596 Removed sentence mentioning support of Windows installation media.
BZ#1142477 Corrected procedure for Configuring Hosts for Registration.
Revision 1-11.2Friday Nov 14 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1153567 Added a "Capsule Scalability" section.
BZ#1152797 Added a "Troubleshooting" section.
Revision 1-11.1Mon Nov 10 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1150412 Added "--complete-reload" to the firewall-cmd firewall commands.
BZ#1141954 Changed "Installing the Katello Agent" to "Installing the Katello and Puppet Agents". Added information on puppet-agent in the section.
Revision 1-11Mon Nov 10 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1161254 Added a new firewall rule to the list of firewall rules to allow katello-installer to run after initial install. Moved the firewall rules to the "Configuring Red Hat Satellite" sections to prevent errors.
BZ#1110837 Implemented QE edits.
BZ#1152630 Added RHEL7 firewall-cmd command examples for the firewall requirements.
Revision 1-10Fri Nov 7 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1149145 Defined the difference between All Hosts and Content Hosts and made sure all procedures pointed to the correct section.
Removed all instances of non breaking spaces in titles.
Revision 1-9Thu Nov 6 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1110837 Added a "Configuring Identity Management" chapter in the User Guide.
Revision 1-8Thu Nov 6 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1149144 Corrected steps to locate systems registered via subscription-manager.
Revision 1-7Thu Oct 30 2014Megan Lewis
Removed help file output.
Revision 1-6Thu Oct 23 2014Megan Lewis
Implemented changes suggested by translation.
Revision 1-5Fri Oct 3 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1140520 Changed all "ACME_Corporation" entries to the correct default organization entry "Default Organization".
BZ#1141954 Added example repositories to the "Enabling Red Hat Repositories" section and a note to enable RH Common repositories for client systems.
BZ#1140722 Added note to highlight that the command needs to change if the repository is different from the example command.
Revision 1-4Thu Oct 2 2014Megan Lewis
Implemented brand changes.
Added Glossary of Terms in an Appendix.
Revision 1-3Wed Oct 1 2014Megan Lewis
Minor edits based on feedback from translation.
Revision 1-2.01Fri Sep 12 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1140875 Added firewall rules after the Satellite Server and Capsule Server installation.
Revision 1-2Fri Sep 12 2014David O'Brien
Patched "Red Hat" entries to conform with Brand standards.
Revision 1-1Thu Sep 11 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1140422 Changed the repository names for Red Hat Satellite Server and Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server.
Revision 1-0Tue 9 Sep 2014Megan Lewis
Red Hat Satellite 6.0 GA Release.
Revision 0-23Thu 21 Aug 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1131654 - Removed optional from Step 4 in 15.2.1. Red Hat Satellite Backup Procedure.
BZ#1120722 - Corrected Step 2 in the note in ⁠10.4.1. Registering a Host.
BZ#1131655 - Corrected database name in sections 15.2.1. Red Hat Satellite Backup Procedure and 15.2.2. Red Hat Satellite Restore Procedure.
BZ#1131613 - Section on creating a backup added to 1.3. Red Hat Satellite 6 Workflow.
BZ#1131604 - Section 15.2.1 - Removed "/var/lib/katello" from list for backup.
Revision 0-22Fri 15 Aug 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1120722 - Note in ⁠10.4.1. Registering a Host corrected to reference a Host instead of a System.
BZ#1129841 - Added section 10.4.2. Installing the Katello Agent.
BZ#1127285 - Added prefix to baseurl used when registering clients to capsules.
BZ#1129578 - Removed sections 3.3.3 and 3.3.4.
BZ#1104431 - Implemented peer review feedback for Chapters 1-3.
Updated instructions for managing users and roles.
Updated instructions for using host collections.
Revision 0-21Tue 12 Aug 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1128872 - Removed stray ; in Table 9.1.
Revision 0-20Fri 18 July 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1120713 - Corrected section xml to prevent validation errors.
Revision 0-19Fri 11 July 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1109747 - Information added regarding organizations and subscription manifests.
Revision 0-18Thu 10 July 2014Athene Chan
BZ# 1117861 - Section 10.3.1 Corrected CA Certificate URL.
BZ#1104914 - Section 5 Partial peer review implementation.
Revision 0-17Wed 9 July 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1116888 - Section References to Katello CLI corrected to Hammer CLI.
BZ#1116543 - Section 10.3.1 Corrected RPM name.
BZ#1117503 - Section 5.3.1 Removed extra step.
Revision 0-16Wed 25 Jun 2014Athene Chan
Preparing book for Beta release.
Revision 0-15Mon 11 Nov 2013Dan Macpherson
Fixing minor issues.
Revision 0-14Mon 11 Nov 2013Dan Macpherson
Preparation for MDP2.
Revision 0-13Wed 09 Oct 2013Dan Macpherson
Adding table for synchronization content directories.
Revision 0-12Wed 09 Oct 2013Dan Macpherson
Finalizing QE review implementation
Revision 0-11Tue 1 Oct 2013Athene Chan
BZ#887680 Minor typo corrections.
Revision 0-10Mon 30 Sep 2013Dan Macpherson
Rebuild from typo verification.
Revision 0-09Wed 18 Sep 2013Athene Chan
Minor tagging errors corrected.
Revision 0-08Tue 17 Sep 2013Athene Chan
BZ#956256, 969922, 864115 Implemented suggested changes to information on the User Guide.
Revision 0-07Fri 13 Sep 2013Athene Chan
Book product changed.
Revision 0-06Thu 12 Sep 2013Athene Chan
Minor grammatical edits.
Added book component to the ent file.
Revision 0-05Thu 12 Sep 2013Athene Chan
BZ#1004566, 1004567, 1004568, 1004570, 1004571, 1004581, 1004586, 1004588, 1004590, 1004595, 1004597, 1004598, 1004600 Quality assurance edits implemented throughout the book.
Revision 0-04Mon 12 Aug 2013Dan Macpherson
Removing draft watermark.
Revision 0-03Mon 12 Aug 2013Dan Macpherson
Creating build for technical review.
Revision 0-02Tue 28 May 2013Athene Chan
Initial book creation