Appendix B. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 2-09Thu Nov 12 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1132555: Update output of hammer import commands.
Revision 2-08Tue Jul 14 2015David O'Brien
Remove draft status.
Publish for technical review.
Revision 2-07Fri Jun 19 2015David O'Brien
Add draft web label and book title.
Revision 2-06Mon Jun 15 2015David O'Brien
6.1 Public Beta release.
Add edition number.
Revision 2-05Mon May 11 2015David O'Brien
Build for technical review.
Revision 2-04Wed 8 Apr 2015Megan Lewis
Updated brand.
Removed Preface.
Revision 2-03Tue 3 Mar 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1183657 - Add "puppet module" and "catalog" to Glossary.
Revision 2-02Fri 21 Nov 2014Athene Chan
Publishing book for the November Async.
Revision 2-01Wed 12 Nov 2014David O'Brien
Updated sections on transitioning hosts.
Revision 1-0Wed 10 Sep 2014David O'Brien
Red Hat Satellite 6.0 GA Release
Revision 0-07Tue 9 Sep 2014David O'Brien
Update section on synchronizing repositories to optimize transition process.
BZ 1138755: Update transition requirements.
BZ 1136200: Add example API scripts.
BZ 1133474: Improve documentation for hammer import all.
BZ 1133472: Add section "transitioning kickstart scripts to template-snippets".
BZ 1133471: Add section "importing configuration files to puppet modules".
BZ 1133470: Add section "importing system profiles to content-hosts".
Revision 0-06Fri 5 Sep 2014David O'Brien
Add sections covering transition of systems from Satellite 5 to Satellite 6.
Revision 0-05Fri 29 Aug 2014David O'Brien
Completed initial sections covering all aspects of export and import from Satellite 5 to Satellite 6.
Revision 0-04Fri 8 Aug 2014David O'Brien
Added first draft of how to use export and import tools to transition entities.
Revision 0-03Wed 9 Jul 2014David O'Brien
Added link to external PDF file with transition tools and use-case scenarios.
Revision 0-02Tue 1 Jul 2014Athene Chan
Edited content specification details.
Revision 0-01Wed 25 Jun 2014Athene Chan
Initial Book Creation.