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3.5. Synchronizing Content

This section describes how to synchronize repositories from the Red Hat Content Delivery Network to your Satellite. This procedure also applies to synchronizing custom repositories (that is, Yum or Puppet) that contain a repository URL.

Procedure 3.6. To Synchronize Repositories to Your Satellite:

  1. Click ContentSync Status to display the list of available products.
  2. Navigate to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server6Serverx86_64.
  3. Select the following products:
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server RPMs x86_64 6Server.
    • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server - Satellite Tools RPMs x86_64.
  4. Navigate to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server6.6x86_64 and select Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Server Kickstart x86_64 6.6.
  5. Click Synchronize Now.
Wait for the repositories to synchronize; this could take several hours, depending on available bandwidth.