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4.4. Adding Puppet Modules

The following procedure describes how to add the motd Puppet Module that was uploaded in Procedure 3.5, “To Upload a Puppet Module to the Repository:”. Puppet Modules are self-contained bundles of code and data that you can use to manage resources such as users, files, and services.

Procedure 4.4. To Add a Puppet Module:

  1. Ensure you are still on the Content Views page; on the main menu, click ContentContent Views.
  2. On the Puppet Modules tab, click Add New Module to display a list of available Puppet Modules. You can use the Filter field to help locate the required module.
  3. Click Select Version to select the motd module.
  4. Click Select Version next to the version of the module that you want to add.


    If you select "Use Latest" when you select which Puppet module version to use, it means that whenever a new version of the Content View is published, the latest version of that module is included in the published view.