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Chapter 6. Provisioning Hosts

This chapter describes how to provision a new host using the Red Hat Satellite Server. The preceding chapters worked through installing and configuring everything that is required for provisioning; ensure that you have successfully completed all of the tasks in those chapters before you attempt to provision hosts.
Satellite provides two main approaches to provisioning hosts: PXE booting, which requires DHCP and TFTP services; and boot disk provisioning, which provides host provisioning when PXE services are not available.

6.1. Provisioning a Host Using PXE

The following procedure describes how to provision a host from your Satellite 6 Server.

Procedure 6.1. To Provision a Host:

  1. On the main menu, click HostsNew Host to open the New Host page.
  2. On the Host tab, complete the following values:
    • Name: Choose a suitable name for your host. For example,
    • Host Group: Select RHEL6Server-x86_64


      New hosts inherit the default values configured for the host group. This means you can quickly build a host without reentering those values.
    • Content Source: The $FQDN of your Satellite. This is automatically selected based on the Host Group.
  3. On the Network tab, complete the following values:
    • MAC Address: The MAC address of the new host. The Satellite server reserves a DHCP address using this value. Ensure you enter it correctly.
    • Subnet: Provisioning_Net This value is automatically populated.
    • IP Address: This value is automatically populated.
    Do not make any changes to the Puppet Classes, Operating System, Parameters, or Additional Information tabs.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Power on your host (either physical host or virtual machine); it will PXE-boot and begin its installation process.
See for more information.