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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Satellite

Chapter 3. Importing Subscriptions and Synchronizing Content

This section describes how to set up Satellite to download and manage content. This includes uploading a manifest file to the Satellite server, enabling Red Hat repositories, creating custom products, and synchronizing content.

3.1. Creating a Manifest

This sections describes how to create a suitable manifest for your Red Hat Satellite.

Procedure 3.1. To Create a Manifest for Satellite 6:

  1. Navigate to and click SUBSCRIPTIONS on the main menu.
  2. In the Red Hat Subscription Management section, under Subscription Management Applications, click Satellite.
  3. Locate the system for which you need to create a manifest. Ensure you select the correct version.
  4. For each subscription that you want to attach, select the check box for that subscription, and specify the quantity of subscriptions to attach.
  5. Click Attach Selected.


    It can take several minutes for all the subscriptions to attach. Refresh the screen every few minutes until you receive confirmation that the subscriptions are attached.
  6. After the subscriptions have been attached, click Download Manifest and save the manifest file to a known location.