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Appendix B. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1.2-10Tue Jul 14 2015David O'Brien
Remove beta and draft status.
Publish for technical review.
Revision 1.2-9Fri Jun 19 2015David O'Brien
Add Beta web label and book title.
Revision 1.2-8Sun Jun 14 2015David O'Brien
Public Beta release.
Revision 1.2-7Sun Jun 14 2015David O'Brien
Add section on how to use static IP.
Revision 1.2-6Fri May 15 2015David O'Brien
Rebuild with updated product version.
Revision 1.2-5Mon May 11 2015David O'Brien
Build for technical review.
Revision 1.2-4Thu Apr 16 2015David O'Brien
Document how to use static IP with Satellite 6.1.
Revision 1.2-3Wed Apr 8 2015Megan Lewis
Updated brand.
Removed Preface.
Revision 1.2-2Fri Apr 3 2015David O'Brien
Update procedure for creating a manifest to match new portal design.
Revision 1.2-1Tue Mar 31 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1207429: Fix error in procedure "Creating Host Groups"; content source should refer to Capsule.
Clarify confusing reference to "PTR zone file".
BZ 1203878: Update "RH Common" repository names to "Satellite Tools".
BZ 1168240: Clarify section on "domain" vs "zone".
BZ 1176466: Clarify required options to katello-installer command.
Clarify procedure on how to create host groups.
BZ 1183657: Add "puppet module" and "catalog" to Glossary.
Fix entities in "Report a bug" links.
Revision 1.2-0Thu Feb 22 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1184671: Fix error in katello-installer option.
Revision 1.1-1Mon Dec 22 2014David O'Brien
Update section on creating a host for Satellite to reference correct versions.
Fix relative link in section "Creating Custom Products and Repositories".
Revision 1.1-0Wed Dec 10 2014David O'Brien
Update section on creating manifests to reference more detailed information.
Revision 1.0-0Wed Nov 26 2014David O'Brien
Implement updates from QA review.
First public release.
Revision 0.1-1Thu Nov 20 2014David O'Brien
Add Glossary of terms.
Added definition of Content View as part of Creating Content Views in Content Management and Promotion.
Added xref to referenced procedures.
Updated section on initial configuration to include administrator user name and password.
Updated chapter on Provisioning Hosts.
Added Abstract.
Draft chapter on Configuring Provisioning Templates.
Draft section on Content Management and Promotion.
Revised sections on importing subscriptions and synchronizing content.
Revision 0.1-0Fri Oct 17 2014David O'Brien
Added first draft of chapter "Configuring Services".
Added rough draft of chapter "Introduction to Provisioning".
Added skeleton TOC with basic sections.
Initial creation by publican.