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13.4. Troubleshooting the Foreman Discovery Plug-in

This section provides information about troubleshooting the Foreman Discovery plug-in. For example, instances where the unknown hosts booting up and failing to register with Foreman have a number of common causes.
  • If the machine fails to boot to the correct image, verify that the /var/lib/tftp/pxelinux.cfg/default file has been configured as described in Section 13.2, “Configuring the Foreman Discovery Plug-in”
  • If the machine booted the correct image but failed to contact Foreman, check the foreman.url option on the PXELinux Template. Check that the DNS is working for the image or add an IP address in the foreman.url option to check if the DHCP is handling IP addresses to the booted image correctly.
  • If the root account is locked on the image and SSH access is disabled but log-in access is still available on the terminal. Provide the rootpw option on the command line. Run the following command to generate a salted password:
    $ openssl passwd ­salt RH redhat