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13.3. Editing the Discovered Host

An unknown host is not visible in the Red Hat Satellite Server web interface until the unknown host boots, reports, and registers to Foreman. Only then is the host discovered and available on the Satellite Server interface for editing. At the time of reporting, the discovered host will provide Foreman with system details which populates the Discovered Host's profile.
When the discovered host appears in the web UI, edit the discovered host's provisioning profile to allow the Satellite Server to provision the host with the correct requirements.

Procedure 13.2. Editing the Discovered Host

  1. Click HostsDiscovered Hosts.
  2. Select the host and click Provision.
  3. Edit the required details and then click Save.
After you have saved the changes to the provisioning details, the discovered host will reboot and install the chosen operating system with the correct requirements.