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19.2. Troubleshooting

19.2.1. Changing Your Red Hat Satellite's Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN)


The Satellite FQDN has been changed correctly and the /etc/sysconfig/network in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 or the /etc/hostname file in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 has been modified accordingly.

Upon installation, the host system's FQDN is recorded by the Red Hat Satellite Server. Changing the FQDN without the proper precautions can prevent the Satellite Server from running correctly. It also renders all custom server certificates incorrect.

Procedure 19.2. Updating Your Red Hat Satellite Configuration After an FQDN Change

To make sure that Red Hat Satellite continues to run properly even with the FQDN change, follow these steps:
  1. Verify that the FQDN is being properly repored and reflects the hostname/FQDN:
    # facter fqdn
  2. Update the katello-installer answer file to replace the old FQDN with the new one:
    # sed -i "s/$OLD_FQDN/$NEW_FQDN/g" /etc/katello-installer/answers.katello-installer.yaml
    1. $OLD_is the Satellite Server's previous FQDN.
    2. $NEW_FQDN is the Satellite Server's new FDQN.
  3. Delete the amqp-client certificate from the NSS database:
    # certutil -D -d '/etc/pki/katello/nssdb' -n 'amqp-client'
  4. Regenerate the server certificates by running katello-installer:
    # katello-installer --certs-update-all
  5. On client systems registered to the Red Hat Satellite Server, uninstall the existing katello-ca-consumer package since it contains the existing SSL certificate with the old FQDN information and update the package from the new FQDN:
    # rpm -e $(rpm -qa "katello-ca-consumer*")
    #rpm -Uvh http://NEW_FQDN/pub/katello-ca-consumer-latest.noarch.rpm
The Red Hat Satellite is now fully updated with the new FQDN and server certificates.