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15.6. Adding Life Cycle Environments to a Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server

If the newly created Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server has Content Node features enabled, the Satellite Capsule Server needs an environment added to the Satellite Capsule Server. Adding an environment to the Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server will allow the Satellite Capsule Server to synchronize content from the Satellite Server and provide content to host systems.


The Satellite Capsule Server is configured through the Satellite Server's command line interface (CLI). Execute all hammer commands on the Satellite Server.
To add environments to your Satellite Capsule Server:
  1. Log in to the Satellite Server CLI as root.
  2. Choose the desired Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server from the list and take note of its id:
    # hammer capsule list
    The Satellite Capsule Server's details can be verified using the command:
    # hammer capsule info --id capsule_id_number
  3. Verify the list of life cycle environments available for the Red Hat Capsule Server and note down the environment id:
    # hammer capsule content available-lifecycle-environments --id capsule_id_number
    • available-lifecycle-environments are life cycle environments that are available to the Satellite Capsule but are currently not attached to the Satellite Capsule.
  4. Add the life cycle environment to the Satellite Capsule Server:
    # hammer capsule content add-lifecycle-environment --id capsule_id_number --lifecycle-environment-id environment_id_number
    • --id is the Satellite Capsule Server's identification number.
    • --lifecycle-environment-id is the life cycle environment's identification number.
    Repeat this step for every life cycle environment to be added to the Capsule Server.
  5. Synchronize the content from the Satellite Server's environment to the Satellite Capsule Server:
    # hammer capsule content synchronize --id capsule_id_number
    When a Satellite Capsule Server has various life cycle environments, and only one life cycle environment needs to be synchronized, it is possible to target a specific environment by specifying the environment identification:
    # hammer capsule content synchronize --id 1 --environment-id 1

The chosen environments now consume packages from repositories on the desired Satellite Capsule Server.