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Chapter 13. Using the Foreman Discovery Plug-in

The Foreman Discovery plug-in in Red Hat Satellite Server adds Metal-as-a-Service (MaaS) features. Bare-metal hosts on Satellite Server-managed networks can be booted over the network through PXE into stripped-down Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems running from memory to collect and send hardware facts to the Satellite Server.
After they have booted, these systems appear as discovered hosts on the Satellite Server. Administrators can use these collected hardware facts to provision systems, removing the need to manually collect MAC addresses and other hardware information and reducing the time required to provision hosts.
After the provisioning configuration is complete, the Foreman discovery plug-in sends a reboot command to the discovered host and the installation begins. The host then moves from the Discovered Hosts list in the Satellite Server to the All Hosts list.

13.1. Installing the Foreman Discovery Plug-in

This section describes the prerequisites and installation process for the Foreman Discovery plug-in.

Ensure your deployment satisfies the following requirements before installing the Foreman Discovery Plug-in:

  • Red Hat Satellite Server version 6.0.5 or later with bare-metal provisioning configured.
  • At least one Capsule Server with DHCP and TFTP services enabled.
  • At least one host available for discovery, with at least 1 GB of RAM installed.
Run the following command as the root user to install the Foreman Discovery plug-in:
# yum ­install foreman­-discovery-­image