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Chapter 19. Maintenance

19.1. Logging and Reporting

Red Hat Satellite provides system information in the form of notifications and log files.
Examples of helpful log files for troubleshooting are:

Table 19.1. Relevant Log Files

Log File
Errors concerning the UI search index display
Errors concerning subscription management
Errors concerning foreman
Errors concerning the foreman proxy
Errors concerning the apache http server
Errors concerning the Satellite installer
Errors concerning the virtualization API
Errors concerning the database
Errors in repository management
Errors in configuration management
Errors in the subscription management tool
Issues concerning the apache webserver
Reports can also be generated to view and monitor information about the hosts being maintained. The foreman-debug command collects configuration and log data for Red Hat Satellite, its back-end services and system information. This information is collected into a tarball.


foreman-debug removes all security information such as password, tokens and keys while collecting information. However, the tarball can still contain sensitive information about the Red Hat Satellite Server. It is recommended to send this information directly to the intended recipient and not publicly.

19.1.1. Viewing Import History

These steps show how to view an import history in Red Hat Satellite.

Procedure 19.1. Viewing Import History

  1. Click ContentRed Hat Subscriptions.
  2. Click the Manage Manifest button.
  3. Click the Import History tab.

Details of the import history are displayed.