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Chapter 14. Configuring Host Collections

The Host Collections application tab is a system management tool that allows the administrator to:
  • Add hosts to a collection.
  • Apply a mass installation of packages, errata, or package groups to all host members of a host collection.
  • Update specific packages, errata, or specific package groups to all host members.

14.1. Creating a Host Collection

These steps show how to create Host Collections in Red Hat Satellite.

Procedure 14.1. Create Host Collections

  1. Click HostsHost Collections.
  2. Click the New Host Collection button.
  3. Add the Name and Description of the Host Collection.
  4. Uncheck the Unlimited Content Hosts button to specify the maximum number of hosts that will be allowed to the group. Otherwise, leave it checked to allow unlimited hosts to join the host collection.
  5. Click the Save button.

A new host collection is created.