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A Red Hat training course is available for Red Hat Satellite

Appendix B. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1-33Fri April 17 2015Megan Lewis
Updated procedure 12.3.1. Automated Configuration to reflect changes requested on the test day.
Revision 1-32Thu April 16 2015Jo Somers
Section 4.3.4 Importing Content to a Disconnected Satellite Server: Updated with improved procedure from Satellite 6.1 Installation Guide, Section 4.2.4 Importing Content to a Disconnected Satellite Server
Revision 1-31Wed April 8 2015Megan Lewis
Updated the brand.
Revision 1-30Thu April 2 2015Athene Chan
Changed the sort order number for the splash page.
Revision 1-29Thu April 2 2015Athene Chan
Added a sort order number for the splash page.
Revision 1-28Mon Mar 30 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1203878: Change repository name from RH Common to Satellite Tools.
Revision 1-27Tue Mar 17 2015Athene Chan
BZ#1200016 Changed "DNS Proxy" to "DNS Capsule".
Revision 1-26Tue Mar 17 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1172727 Update section on installing puppet to include enabling agent at boot.
BZ# 1198724 Add section how to configure BMC interfaces.
Revision 1-25Mon Mar 02 2015Jo Somers
Fixed BZ#1153608 rewrote configure host for registration; edited User Interface Plug-Ins for clarity
Revision 1-24Wed Feb 25 2015Athene Chan
BZ#1180191 Corrected the required RPMs to install for synchronizing hosts in a disconnected Satellite Server.
Revision 1-23Tue Feb 24 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1195128 Remove extra trailing slash from command.
BZ 1179535 Update the Disaster Recovery Section of the User Guide.
Revision 1-22Mon Feb 9 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1178176 Further corrections in 4.3.4. Importing Content to a Disconnected Satellite Server.
Revision 1-21Mon Feb 9 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1175084 Section on Puppet Facts.
BZ 1153584 Update section on promoting content views through life cycle environments.
Revision 1-20Fri Jan 23 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1179022 Corrected errors in examples in 5.4. Configuring a Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server.
BZ#1178176 Corrected 40G to 40GB in 4.3.4. Importing Content to a Disconnected Satellite Server.
Revision 1-19Fri Jan 23 2015David O'Brien
Add initial section on Puppet, Facter, and facts.
Add Puppet Module and Catalog to glossary.
Updates to comply with style guide.
Revision 1-18Fri Dec 19 2014David O'Brien
Remove requirement for yum-rhn-plugin from chapter "Configuring Hosts".
Update some command layouts to comply with standards.
Revision 1-17Tues Dec 9 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1168273 Corrected the package name for Installing the Puppet Agent.
Revision 1-16.1Wed Nov 26 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1139329 Added introductory text into "Using the Foreman Discovery Plug-in".
BZ#1167966 Satellite Server backup script has changed, removed grinder from the command list.
Revision 1-16Mon Nov 24 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1166660 Missing step in the configuring IDM chapter added.
BZ#1166656 Changed "" to "" for consistency.
BZ#1139329 Revised the Troubleshooting for the Foreman Discovery Plug-in" section.
Revision 1-15.2Fri Nov 21 2014Athene Chan
Removed the Foreman Discovery chapter for further review.
Revision 1-15Thurs Nov 20 2014Megan Lewis
Minor corrections.
Added "Enabling Red Hat Repositories" section.
Revision 1-14Mon Nov 17 2014Megan Lewis
Added further changes for BZ#1139329.
Revision 1-13Sun Nov 16 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1139329 Added chapter about Foreman Discovery.
Revision 1-12Fri Nov 14 2014Miroslav Svoboda
BZ#1153596 Removed sentence mentioning support of Windows installation media.
BZ#1142477 Corrected procedure for Configuring Hosts for Registration.
Revision 1-11.2Friday Nov 14 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1153567 Added a "Capsule Scalability" section.
BZ#1152797 Added a "Troubleshooting" section.
Revision 1-11.1Mon Nov 10 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1150412 Added "--complete-reload" to the firewall-cmd firewall commands.
BZ#1141954 Changed "Installing the Katello Agent" to "Installing the Katello and Puppet Agents". Added information on puppet-agent in the section.
Revision 1-11Mon Nov 10 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1161254 Added a new firewall rule to the list of firewall rules to allow katello-installer to run after initial install. Moved the firewall rules to the "Configuring Red Hat Satellite" sections to prevent errors.
BZ#1110837 Implemented QE edits.
BZ#1152630 Added RHEL7 firewall-cmd command examples for the firewall requirements.
Revision 1-10Fri Nov 7 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1149145 Defined the difference between All Hosts and Content Hosts and made sure all procedures pointed to the correct section.
Removed all instances of non breaking spaces in titles.
Revision 1-9Thu Nov 6 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1110837 Added a "Configuring Identity Management" chapter in the User Guide.
Revision 1-8Thu Nov 6 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1149144 Corrected steps to locate systems registered via subscription-manager.
Revision 1-7Thu Oct 30 2014Megan Lewis
Removed help file output.
Revision 1-6Thu Oct 23 2014Megan Lewis
Implemented changes suggested by translation.
Revision 1-5Fri Oct 3 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1140520 Changed all "ACME_Corporation" entries to the correct default organization entry "Default Organization".
BZ#1141954 Added example repositories to the "Enabling Red Hat Repositories" section and a note to enable RH Common repositories for client systems.
BZ#1140722 Added note to highlight that the command needs to change if the repository is different from the example command.
Revision 1-4Thu Oct 2 2014Megan Lewis
Implemented brand changes.
Added Glossary of Terms in an Appendix.
Revision 1-3Wed Oct 1 2014Megan Lewis
Minor edits based on feedback from translation.
Revision 1-2.01Fri Sep 12 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1140875 Added firewall rules after the Satellite Server and Capsule Server installation.
Revision 1-2Fri Sep 12 2014David O'Brien
Patched "Red Hat" entries to conform with Brand standards.
Revision 1-1Thu Sep 11 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1140422 Changed the repository names for Red Hat Satellite Server and Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server.
Revision 1-0Tue 9 Sep 2014Megan Lewis
Red Hat Satellite 6.0 GA Release.
Revision 0-23Thu 21 Aug 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1131654 - Removed optional from Step 4 in 15.2.1. Red Hat Satellite Backup Procedure.
BZ#1120722 - Corrected Step 2 in the note in ⁠10.4.1. Registering a Host.
BZ#1131655 - Corrected database name in sections 15.2.1. Red Hat Satellite Backup Procedure and 15.2.2. Red Hat Satellite Restore Procedure.
BZ#1131613 - Section on creating a backup added to 1.3. Red Hat Satellite 6 Workflow.
BZ#1131604 - Section 15.2.1 - Removed "/var/lib/katello" from list for backup.
Revision 0-22Fri 15 Aug 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1120722 - Note in ⁠10.4.1. Registering a Host corrected to reference a Host instead of a System.
BZ#1129841 - Added section 10.4.2. Installing the Katello Agent.
BZ#1127285 - Added prefix to baseurl used when registering clients to capsules.
BZ#1129578 - Removed sections 3.3.3 and 3.3.4.
BZ#1104431 - Implemented peer review feedback for Chapters 1-3.
Updated instructions for managing users and roles.
Updated instructions for using host collections.
Revision 0-21Tue 12 Aug 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1128872 - Removed stray ; in Table 9.1.
Revision 0-20Fri 18 July 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1120713 - Corrected section xml to prevent validation errors.
Revision 0-19Fri 11 July 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1109747 - Information added regarding organizations and subscription manifests.
Revision 0-18Thu 10 July 2014Athene Chan
BZ# 1117861 - Section 10.3.1 Corrected CA Certificate URL.
BZ#1104914 - Section 5 Partial peer review implementation.
Revision 0-17Wed 9 July 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1116888 - Section References to Katello CLI corrected to Hammer CLI.
BZ#1116543 - Section 10.3.1 Corrected RPM name.
BZ#1117503 - Section 5.3.1 Removed extra step.
Revision 0-16Wed 25 Jun 2014Athene Chan
Preparing book for Beta release.
Revision 0-15Mon 11 Nov 2013Dan Macpherson
Fixing minor issues.
Revision 0-14Mon 11 Nov 2013Dan Macpherson
Preparation for MDP2.
Revision 0-13Wed 09 Oct 2013Dan Macpherson
Adding table for synchronization content directories.
Revision 0-12Wed 09 Oct 2013Dan Macpherson
Finalizing QE review implementation
Revision 0-11Tue 1 Oct 2013Athene Chan
BZ#887680 Minor typo corrections.
Revision 0-10Mon 30 Sep 2013Dan Macpherson
Rebuild from typo verification.
Revision 0-09Wed 18 Sep 2013Athene Chan
Minor tagging errors corrected.
Revision 0-08Tue 17 Sep 2013Athene Chan
BZ#956256, 969922, 864115 Implemented suggested changes to information on the User Guide.
Revision 0-07Fri 13 Sep 2013Athene Chan
Book product changed.
Revision 0-06Thu 12 Sep 2013Athene Chan
Minor grammatical edits.
Added book component to the ent file.
Revision 0-05Thu 12 Sep 2013Athene Chan
BZ#1004566, 1004567, 1004568, 1004570, 1004571, 1004581, 1004586, 1004588, 1004590, 1004595, 1004597, 1004598, 1004600 Quality assurance edits implemented throughout the book.
Revision 0-04Mon 12 Aug 2013Dan Macpherson
Removing draft watermark.
Revision 0-03Mon 12 Aug 2013Dan Macpherson
Creating build for technical review.
Revision 0-02Tue 28 May 2013Athene Chan
Initial book creation