4.2.4. Importing Content to a Disconnected Satellite Server


Ensure that the directory and filesystem containing the exports has enough space to expand out the archives. For example, if your export is 40GB, the disconnected Satellite Server directory and filesystem where you are importing the content will need an extra 40GB of space to expand it on the same filesystem.

  1. Copy the exported contents of the external media to a directory on the disconnected Satellite.


    If the exported content was placed in different external media devices, ensure that you copy all the contents in one directory on the disconnected Satellite.
  2. Run the expand_export.sh script copied along with your exported content:
    # ./expand_export.sh 
    *** Done expanding archives. ***


    The disconnected Satellite needs to have equal to the same space as the exported archive before you expand the exported content. The script will fail otherwise.
    The script will expand the archive into a directory.
  3. Move the expanded directory tree's content to /var/www/html on the Satellite Server and restore the SELinux contexts on the moved files:
    # mv var/tmp/export/* /var/www/html/
    # cd /var/www/html
    # restorecon -r *


    The Satellite is now acting as its own CDN with the files located in http://localhost/content. This is not a requirement. The CDN can be hosted on a different machine inside the same disconnected network as long as it is accessible to the Satellite server via HTTP.
  4. Add the CDN address to the Satellite web interface:
    1. Log in to the Satellite web interface.
    2. Click ContentRed Hat Subscriptions and then click Manage Manifest.
    3. On the Subscription Manifest information screen, scroll to Red Hat Provider Details. Click the edit icon on the Repository URL entry and change the entry to the CDN's repository URL.
    4. Click Browse to choose the manifest file.
    5. Click Upload to import your manifest.
  5. Enable the repositories from the local CDN:
    1. Click ContentRed Hat Repositories
    2. Enable the repositories that were enabled and synchronized in the Synchronizing Content section.
  6. Click ContentSync Status.
  7. Select the repositories you want to synchronize and click Synchronize Now.
Once the synchronize finishes, the disconnected Satellite is now ready to serve the content to client systems.