4.2.3. Exporting Content


An external export media such as a CD, DVD, or external hard drive.

The synchronized content needs to be exported to enable importing into the disconnected Red Hat Satellite. To do so:
  1. Export the synchronized repositories:
    # katello-disconnected export -t /var/tmp/export
    The output will look similar to:
    # katello-disconnected export -t /var/tmp/export
    # katello-disconnected watch
    Watching sync... (this may be safely interrupted with Ctrl+C)
    Watching finished
    Done watching ...
     Copying content to /var/tmp/export
     Archiving contents of /var/tmp/export into 4600M tar archives.
     NOTE: This may take a while.
    tar: Removing leading `/' from member names
    Done exporting content, please copy /var/tmp/export/* to your disconnected host
    This operation will create the following files in /var/tmp/export:
    # ls /var/tmp/export/
    content-export-00 content-export-01 content-export-02 expand_export.sh
  2. Copy the files from /var/tmp/export into the external media.


    If the files are too big for your external media, the files can be copied sequentially in a series of DVDs.
The synchronized content has now been exported and ready for importing to the disconnected Satellite server.