2.4. Configuring Red Hat Satellite with an Answer File

The following task shows how to configure Red Hat Satellite Server with an answer file.

Procedure 2.6. Configuration Using an Answer File

Answer files are used for automated installations with customized options. To configure and use an answer file for installation:
  1. Copy the default answer file located at /etc/katello-installer/answers.katello-installer.yaml to a location on your local filesystem:
    # cp /etc/katello-installer/answers.katello-installer.yaml /etc/katello-installer/my-answer-file.yaml


    The initial answer file will be sparsely populated. However, once katello-installer is run for the first time, the answer file is populated with the standard parameter values for installation.
  2. Open your copy of the answer file in your preferred text editor and edit the values to suit your environment. Save your answer file once you have finished editing it.


    The parameters for each module are specified in the module's params.pp file. Available modules with parameter files can be viewed by executing the command:
    # rpm -ql katello-installer | grep params.pp
  3. Open the /etc/katello-installer/katello-installer.yaml file in your preferred text editor and edit the answer file entry to point to your custom answer file:
    :answer_file: /etc/katello-installer/my-answerfile.yaml
  4. Run the katello-installer command.
    # katello-installer

Satellite is configured on your host system with your desired configuration.