Chapter 2. Red Hat Satellite Installation

2.1. Installing Red Hat Satellite

This section describes how to use Subscription Manager to install Red Hat Satellite Server from the repository.

Procedure 2.1. To Install Satellite Server on a Certificate-managed System:

  1. List all the available subscriptions to find the correct Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat Enterprise Linux product to allocate to your system:
    # subscription-manager list --available --all
    This command displays output similar to the following:
        Available Subscriptions
    Subscription Name: Red Hat Satellite Subscription
    Provides:          Red Hat 
                       Red Hat Satellite Capsule 6
                       Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7
                       Red Hat Satellite 6
    SKU:               SKU123456
    Pool ID:           e1730d1f4eaa448397bfd30c8c7f3d334bd8b
    Available:         6
    Suggested:         1
    Service Level:     Self-Support
    Service Type:      L1-L3
    Multi-Entitlement: No
    Ends:              01/01/2022
    System Type:       Physical


    The SKU and Pool ID depend on the Red Hat Satellite product type that corresponds to your system version and product type. Take note of the pool IDs of Red Hat Satellite 6, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Software collections that correspond to your system version and product type.
  2. Attach a subscription to the registered system:
    # subscription-manager subscribe --pool=Red_Hat_Satellite_Pool_Id
    # subscription-manager subscribe --pool=Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_Pool_Id
    # subscription-manager subscribe --pool=Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux_Software_Collections_Pool_Id
  3. Disable all existing repositories:
    # subscription-manager repos --disable "*"
  4. Enable the Red Hat Satellite and Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Software Collections repositories. Ensure the Red Hat Enterprise Linux repository matches the specific version you are using.
    # subscription-manager repos --enable rhel-6-server-rpms \
    --enable rhel-server-rhscl-6-rpms \
    --enable rhel-6-server-satellite-6.0-rpms


    The commands above are based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. If you are using a different version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, change the repository based on your specific version.
  5. Install the katello package:
    # yum install katello

Satellite Server is installed on your host system.


You need to configure your Satellite Server before use. See either Section 2.3, “Configuring Red Hat Satellite Manually” or Section 2.4, “Configuring Red Hat Satellite with an Answer File” for more information.