Appendix B. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 1-11Fri Jan 23 2015Athene Chan
BZ#1184589 Emphasize what base operating system variants is required for Red Hat Satellite.
Revision 1-10Fri Jan 23 2015Megan Lewis
BZ#1178176 Corrected 40G to 40GB in 4.2.4. Importing Content to a Disconnected Satellite Server.
BZ#1179022 Corrected errors in examples in 5.4. Configuring a Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server.
Revision 1-9Fri Jan 23 2015Athene Chan
BZ#1177568 Replaced the "service" and "chkconfig" command for chronyd to the recommended "systemctl" command instead.
Revision 1-8Wed Jan 21 2015David O'Brien
BZ 1184306 - Make the requirement for a Base install more obvious.
Revision 1-7Thu Dec 18 2014Megan Lewis
BZ#1168273 Corrected package name for installing puppet agent.
BZ#1169499 Clarified supported Red Hat Enterprise Linux variants in Prerequisites.
BZ#1164251 Corrected example in Adding Lifecycle Environments to a Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server.
BZ#1167904 Added chrony and sos into the prerequisites for install.
Revision 1-6.2Thu Nov 19 2014Athene Chan
Added additional admin and password options to the katello-installer.
Removed hashes on the firewall requirements.
Included references to support for scripting frameworks in the Puppet Supported Usage paragraph.
Revision 1-6.1Friday Nov 14 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1153567 Added a "Capsule Scalability" section.
Revision 1-6Thu Nov 13 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1153564 Added a "Next Steps" chapter.
BZ#1153772 Added firewall configuration and additional steps to ensure that the Satellite Server can go through the HTTP Proxy without issues.
BZ#1146574 Changed the gpg filename.
Revision 1-5Tue Nov 11 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1132840 Added two advanced firewall consideration tables in the prerequisites.
BZ#1152630 Edited incorrect reference to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.
BZ#1150412 Added "--complete-reload" to the firewall-cmd firewall commands.
BZ#1143746 Changed incorrect certs-server-key in procedure 2.4.
Revision 1-4Mon Nov 10 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1152630 Added RHEL7 firewall-cmd command examples for the firewall requirements.
Revision 1-3Fri Nov 7 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1161254 Added a new firewall rule to the list of firewall rules to allow katello-installer to run after initial install. Moved the firewall rules to the "Configuring Red Hat Satellite" sections to prevent errors.
Revision 1-2.02Fri Oct 3 2014Athene Chan
Various edits from translators' feedback.
BZ#1147673 Removed MS DHCP from supported DHCP features.
BZ#1140520 Changed all "ACME_Corporation" entries to the correct default organization entry "Default Organization".
BZ#1139806 Added a note in the Prerequisites sections for Red Hat Satellite Server and Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server that the host system has to be updated before installing Red Hat Satellite. BZ#1138430 Changed "yum-config-manager" to "subscription-manager" to match the procedure description to the command block.
BZ#1141954 Added example repositories to the "Enabling Red Hat Repositories" section and a note to enable RH Common repositories for client systems.
BZ#1140722 Added note to highlight that the command needs to change if the repository is different from the example command.
Revision 1-2.01Fri Sep 12 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1140875 Added firewall rules after the Satellite Server and Capsule Server installation.
Revision 1-2Thu Sep 11 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1140422 Changed the repository names for Red Hat Satellite Server and Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server.
Revision 1-1Wed Sep 10 2014Athene Chan
Added additional ports in the Prerequisites section.
Revision 1-0Tue Sep 9 2014Athene Chan
Red Hat Satellite 6.0 GA Release
Revision 0-34Thu Aug 21 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1131360 Replaced an option on the command to reflect the correct one.
Revision 0-33Tue Aug 12 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1130208 Added "Red Hat Software Collections" as a channel to enable.
BZ#1129104 Add requirement to make port 8080 available for katello installation. Update how to configure iptables accordingly.
BZ#1125241 Added a note that default location and default organization can be changed after initial configuration.
BZ#1044558 Added chapter on http proxy configuration options in katello-installer.
BZ#1120492 Added a note in "Red Hat Satellite Server Supported Usage" about embedded tomcat deployments.
BZ#1125299 Added references to "next steps" sections in the "Installing Red Hat Satellite" chapter.
BZ#1125357 Removed the deprecated repository directories.
BZ#1121814 Corrected the Satellite Capsule Server installer option.
BZ#1089086 Included filesize recommendations in the Prerequisites.
BZ#1119866 Added the Red Hat Software Collections package as a required package for the Satellite Capsule Server installation.
BZ#1118406 Added a table of ports, protocols and services in the Prerequisites section.
BZ#1120855 Various corrections on filenames and commands.
BZ#1121676 Added a note that all hammer commands are ran on the Satellite Server.
BZ#1113811 Created the section "Red Hat Satellite 6 Supported Usage".
BZ#1128922 Added a "Results" subsection.
BZ#754728 Added sections "Configuring Red Hat Satellite with a Custom Server Certificate" and "Configuring Red Hat Satellite Capsule Server with a Custom Server Certificate"
BZ#1122183 Changed the entry on Account Username and added an example for Base DN.
BZ#1129498 Group iptables commands for better readability.
Revision 0-32Fri Jul 11 2014Athene Chan
BZ#1157545, BZ#115047, BZ#1116471, BZ#1117052, BZ#1117052, BZ#1115065 Minor edits, spelling errors and revisions to text.
Revision 0-31Mon Jun 30 2014Athene Chan
Book published for Beta Release.
Revision 0-30Tue Jun 24 2014Dan Macpherson
Second test brewing for Beta.
Revision 0-29Tue Jun 24 2014Dan Macpherson
Test brewing for Beta.
Revision 0-28Mon Nov 11 2013Dan Macpherson
Fixing minor error.
Revision 0-27Mon 11 Nov 2013Dan Macpherson
Preparation for MDP2.
Revision 0-26Mon 11 Nov 2013Athene Chan
BZ#1024530, 1027466 Additional edits to steps for Satellite nodes.
Revision 0-25Thu 7 Nov 2013Megan Lewis
BZ#1027461 Added steps to create activation key and retrieve oauth secret. Added note to verify nodes exist.
Revision 0-24Thu 7 Nov 2013Athene Chan
BZ#1027466 Added a small seciton on using Satellite nodes. Added synchronization step.
Revision 0-23Wed 30 Oct 2013Athene Chan
BZ#1024438 changed procedures to accommodate yum-utils installation.
BZ#1024529 removed katello.yml instructions as this is not preferred way of LDAP configuration.
BZ#1024559 Added foreman-libvirt to the yum install command.
BZ#1024530 Added new information to the section on Satellite Nodes.
Revision 0-22Tue 29 Oct 2013Athene Chan
BZ#1024094 yum-utils command updated.
Revision 0-21Wed 09 Oct 2013Dan Macpherson
Finalizing QE review implementation
Revision 0-20Wed 2 Oct 2013Athene Chan
BZ#1014402 Installation requirements updated.
Revision 0-19Wed 2 Oct 2013Athene Chan
BZ#1014402 Prerequisites for installation updated.
Revision 0-18Tue 1 Oct 2013Athene Chan
BZ#1009719, 971944 Minor spelling and grammar edits.
Revision 0-17Thu 19 Sep 2013Athene Chan
BZ#1009719 Updated the Prerequisites and the install instructions.
Revision 0-16Tue 17 Sep 2013Athene Chan
BZ#971944 Added storage requirements for Satellite.
Revision 0-15Wed 11 Sep 2013Megan Lewis
Integrating QE feedback.
Revision 0-14Mon 12 Aug 2013Dan Macpherson
Removing draft watermark.
Revision 0-13Mon 12 Aug 2013Dan Macpherson
Preparing documentation for technical review.
Revision 0-09Thu 20 June 2013Dan Macpherson
Correction to repo label for installation.
Revision 0-08Thu 20 June 2013Dan Macpherson
Added MDP1 status.
Revision 0-07Wed 19 June 2013Athene Chan
Revised channel for installation.
Revision 0-06Thu 13 June 2013Athene Chan
Edited book for grammatical errors and sentence structure.
Revision 0-05Tue 11 June 2013Athene Chan
Added Chapters for manifests and for synchronization.
Edited sections based on technical review feedback.
Revision 0-04Fri 31 May 2013Athene Chan
Changed field names in the Satellite:Provisioning LDAP section.
Revision 0-03Thu 30 May 2013Athene Chan
Renamed all web application components to the rebranded names of "Red Hat Satellite: Content and Entitlement" and "Red Hat Satellite: Provisioning and Configuration".
Revision 0-02Tue 28 May 2013Athene Chan
Incorporated technical review edits.
Updated commands for installing Red Hat Satellite.
Standardized tagging of components.
Revision 0-01Fri 17 May 2013Athene Chan
Initial book creation