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10.2. Upgrading to Satellite 5.8

Once you have completed the upgrade requirements, proceed with the upgrade. The upgrade consists of the following steps.
  1. Mount the Satellite 5.8 installation media.
  2. Install the Satellite 5.8 upgrade package.
  3. Complete the upgrade instructions.

10.2.1. Mounting the Installation Media

Once you have obtained a version of the Red Hat Satellite 5 installation media, mount the disc or ISO image on the server chosen to host Red Hat Satellite.

Procedure 10.4. Mounting from a disc

  1. Log into the machine as root.
  2. Insert the Red Hat Satellite Server CD or DVD containing the installation files.
  3. Red Hat Enterprise Linux might automount the disc. If so, it mounts the disc to the /media/cdrom/ directory. If Red Hat Enterprise Linux does not automount the disc, manually mount it to the /media/cdrom/ directory with the following command:
    # mkdir /media/cdrom
    # mount /dev/cdrom /media/cdrom

Procedure 10.5. Mounting from an ISO image

  1. Log into the machine as root.
  2. Download the ISO image from the Red Hat Network website.
  3. Mount the ISO image to a location on your filesystem:
    # mkdir /media/cdrom
    # mount -o loop iso_filename /media/cdrom

10.2.2. Performing the Satellite 5.8 Upgrade

Install the latest rhn-upgrade package on your Red Hat Satellite 5 server. This installs scripts and a comprehensive set of upgrade instructions.
If Satellite is in connected mode, install the rhn-upgrade package directly from the Red Hat CDN.
# yum install rhn-upgrade
If Satellite is in disconnected mode, or the rhn-upgrade RPM package was not available, download it manually from the Red Hat CDN, then install it.

Procedure 10.6. Download and Install Red Hat Satellite 5 Upgrade Package


Complete this procedure on a computer which has access to the Red Hat Customer Portal.
  1. Log on to the Customer Portal and click Downloads.
  2. From the Product list, click Red Hat Satellite.
  3. Select the Product Variant, Version and Architecture which match the current, installed instance of Satellite. For example, Red Hat Satellite, 5.6 for RHEL 6, and x86_64.
  4. Click Packages and enter upgrade in the Search field.
  5. Click Download Latest beside the rhn-upgrade package, and download it.
  6. Copy the rhn-upgrade.rpm package to the Satellite server.
    If you have network access to the Satellite server from this computer, use the scp tool. In this example, the package is copied to the /root directory.
    # scp rhn-upgrade.rpm
    If you do not have network access to the Satellite server from this computer, copy the package to local media, transport the media to the Satellite server, and copy it from there.
  7. On the Satellite server, navigate to the directory containing the rhn-upgrade.rpm package, and install it.
    # yum localinstall rhn-upgrade.rpm
View the file /etc/sysconfig/rhn/satellite-upgrade/README, and follow the instructions it contains. It refers to other files which contain detailed instructions for specific scenarios.