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6.2. Viewing Details of a Manifest

You can view details of either the manifest already active in Satellite, or one you downloaded from the Red Hat Customer Portal. This can be used, for example, to confirm that content you want to distribute to hosts is contained in the manifest.
View detailed information about a manifest file.
# rct cat-manifest
View brief details of the active manifest.
# rhn-satellite-activate --manifest-info
UUID: eb83a78a-caa7-4d38-8d5a-68a335a1a8a2
Owner ID: 5894300
Satellite version: 5.8
Created: 2017-06-20T03:35:57.483+0000
View detailed information about the active manifest.
# rct cat-manifest /etc/sysconfig/rhn/
The detailed output includes the start and end dates of the current subscriptions, total quantity, service level, and a list of the products included in the subscription. The output from this command may be very long, so to see only the high-level information, append | head -n 32, to display only the first 32 lines. With this information available, you could search it for specific content, for example with a text editor, or the grep tool.