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6.3. Refreshing the Current Subscriptions

When you change subscriptions on the Red Hat Customer Portal, the subscription details in Satellite must be refreshed.
Refreshing Subscriptions on Satellite Server in Connected Mode

If Satellite server is in connected mode, you can refresh the subscriptions with one command. The parameter --manifest-refresh instructs rhn-satellite-activate to download the manifest, then reactivate it.

# rhn-satellite-activate --manifest-refresh
Refreshing Subscriptions on Satellite Server in Disconnected Mode

If the Satellite server is in disconnected mode, you must first create the manifest on the Red Hat Customer Portal, download the manifest file to your computer, then copy it to the Satellite server. For details, see Section 3.1.3, “Generating a Manifest”.

Activate Satellite with the new manifest file, in disconnected mode.
# rhn-satellite-activate --disconnected
The output of the refresh should be similar to the following:
13:35:56 Downloading manifest...
13:37:14 Populating channel families...
13:37:14 Updating certificates...
13:37:14 Updating manifest repositories...