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4.2. Configure Red Hat Satellite

In the Satellite web UI, click Configure Red Hat Satellite. Continue with the instructions in this chapter to complete the initial configuration of Satellite.

4.2.1. General Configuration

The General Configuration page allows you to alter the most basic settings, such as the Administrator email address and whether Monitoring is enabled.

4.2.2. Certificate

The Certificate page allows you to upload a new certificate. To identify the certificate's path, click Browse, navigate to the file, and select the certificate file. To input its contents, open your certificate in a text editor, copy all lines, and paste them directly into the large text field at the bottom. Red Hat recommends using the file locator as it is less error prone. Click Update to continue. If you receive errors related to DNS, ensure Red hat Satellite is configured correctly.

4.2.3. Bootstrap

The Bootstrap page allows you to generate a bootstrap script for redirecting client systems from the central Red Hat Network Servers to Red Hat Satellite. This script, to be placed in the /var/www/html/pub/bootstrap/ directory of Red Hat Satellite, significantly reduces the effort involved in reconfiguring all systems, which by default obtain packages from the central Red Hat Network Servers. The required fields are pre-populated with values derived from previous installation steps. Ensure this information is accurate.
Checkboxes offer options for including built-in security SSL and GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) features. These options are recommended for security purposes. In addition, you may enable remote command acceptance and remote configuration management of the systems to be bootstrapped here. Both features are useful for completing client configuration. Finally, if you are using an HTTP proxy server, complete the related fields. When finished, click Generate Bootstrap Script. The Installation Complete page appears.

4.2.4. Organizations

The Organizations page contains configuration options for logical groupings of systems, software channels, subscriptions and entitlements. A Red Hat Satellite can manage multiple organizations, each with an individual organization administrator.

4.2.5. Restart

The Restart page contains the final step in configuring Red Hat Satellite. Click the Restart button to restart Red Hat Satellite in order to incorporate all of the configuration options added on the previous screens. Note that it will take between four and five minutes for the restart to finish.
Once Red Hat Satellite has restarted, the countdown notice disappears. You are now free to begin using your Satellite.

4.2.6. Cobbler Rebuild

The Cobbler page contains options to rebuild or refresh Cobbler content if modified outside of Red Hat Satellite.