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A.10. Red Hat Satellite

The probes in this section may be applied to the Red Hat Satellite itself to monitor its health and performance. Since these probes run locally, no specific application or transport protocols are required.

A.10.1. Red Hat Satellite::Disk Space

The Red Hat Satellite::Disk Space probe monitors the free disk space on a Satellite and collects the following metrics:
  • File System Used - The percent of the current file system now in use.
  • Space Used - The file size used by the current file system.
  • Space Available - The file size available to the current file system.

Table A.63. Red Hat Satellite::Disk Space settings

Field Value
Device Pathname* /dev/hda1
Critical Maximum File System Used
Warning Maximum File System Used
Critical Maximum Space Used
Warning Maximum Space Used
Critical Maximum Space Available
Warning Maximum Space Available