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A.2. Apache 1.3.x and 2.0.x

The probes in this section may be applied to instances of the Apache web server. Although the default values presume you will apply these probes using standard HTTP, you may also use them over secure connections by changing the application protocol to https and the port to 443.

A.2.1. Apache::Processes

The Apache::Processes probe monitors the processes executed on an Apache web server and collects the following metrics:
  • Data Transferred Per Child - Records data transfer information about individual children. A child process is one that is created from the parent process or another process.
  • Data Transferred Per Slot - The cumulative amount of data transferred by a child process that restarts. The number of slots is configured in the httpd.conf file using the MaxRequestsPerChild setting.
The ExtendedStatus directive in the httpd.conf file of the Web server must be set to On for this probe to function properly.

Table A.1. Apache::Processes settings

Field Value
Application Protocol* http
Port* 80
Pathname* /server-status
UserAgent* NOCpulse-ApacheUptime/1.0
Timeout* 15
Critical Maximum Megabytes Transferred Per Child
Warning Maximum Megabytes Transferred Per Child
Critical Maximum Megabytes Transferred Per Slot
Warning Maximum Megabytes Transferred Per Slot