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6.4.2. Receiving Notifications

If you create notification methods and associate them with probes, you must be prepared to receive them. These notifications come in the form of brief text messages sent to the specified email address. Here is an example of an email notification:
Subject: CRITICAL: [hostname]: Satellite: Users at 1
From: "Monitoring Satellite Notification" (
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2013 13:42:28 -0800

This is Red Hat Monitoring Satellite notification 01dc8hqw.

Time: Mon Aug 26, 21:42:25 PST
System: [hostname] ([IP address])
Probe: Satellite: Users
Message: Users 6 (above critical threshold of 2)
Notification #116 for Users

Run from: Red Hat Monitoring Satellite
As you can see, the longer email notifications contain virtually everything you would need to know about the associated probe. In addition to the probe command, run time, system monitored, and state, the message contains the Send ID, which is a unique character string representing the precise message and probe. In the above message, the Send ID is 01dc8hqw.


Since notifications can be generated whenever a probe changes state, simple changes in your network can result in a flood of notifications. Notifications maybe redirected to a specific inbox meant for notifications to avoid issues with priority mail. The next section discusses redirecting notifications.