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A.9.14. Oracle::Tablespace Usage

The Oracle::Tablespace Usage probe monitors an Oracle database instance and collects the following metric:
  • Available Space Used - The percentage of available space in each tablespace that has been used.
Tablespace is the shared pool of space in which a set of tables live. This probe alerts the user when the total amount of available space falls below the threshold. Tablespace is measured in bytes, so extents do not factor into it directly (though each extension removes available space from the shared pool).
The required Tablespace Name field is case insensitive and contains a default value of % that matches any table name.

Table A.61. Oracle::Tablespace Usage settings

Field Value
Oracle SID*
Oracle Username*
Oracle Password*
Oracle Port* 1521
Tablespace Name* %
Timeout* 30
Critical Maximum Available Space Used
Warning Maximum Available Space Used